Company Introduction

JOYDRONE is a company that specializes in industrial drone and UAV.

JOYDRONE's J-EAGLE has 90 minutes of flight duration and 110km of flight distance.
It's made of carbon fiber, which has lightweight, strong durability and energy efficiency that makes longer flight ability.
It also can take off and land vertically, which makes easy operation even in a narrow space.

JOYDRONE has developed Ground Control System based on user experience.
It provides weather information, geomagnetic field figures, etc. And it has an auto-recovery function, so it automatically recovers when it crashes.
With its superior flight ability, J-Eagle can be adapted in various areas such as wildfire observation, ocean pollution surveillance, bird control and etc.

JOYDRONE has also developed a multicopter and can be used for precise monitoring and mapping with 30x optical zoom
  • Response Level
      less than 30%
  • Supplier Level
      Less than 100 million (KRW)
  • Transaction Level
      less than 5